Short Seller Cover

The Short Seller

(Simon & Schuster, May 2013)

* A Girls' Life must-read! *An official pick of the Mother-Daughter Book Club! * Featured in U.S. News & World Report's "Alpha Consumer" * Featured on NPR's "Here and Now"! * Nominated for the Great Stone Face Book Award in New Hampshire! *

Get ready for the seventh grade day trader.

It all starts when Lindy Sachs is granted one hundred dollars and access to her father's online stock trading account to alleviate her boredom while she's home from school sick.

Lindy learns something quickly--she is very, very good at e-trading. Her one hundred dollars soon becomes two hundred dollars. Then four hundred. Then more.

With trading talent and access to her parents' savings, the opportunity to make some real dough is too tempting to pass up. In fact, with how well Lindy's own stocks are doing, it would be a disservice to not invest it all.




"An engaging read that is right on the money."

- Girl Zone

"What a fun novel and a great way to get kids excited about the power of math in the real world! The protagonist, Lindy, evolves from a math-phobic child to stock market whiz kid, learning that math is much more than a class at school; it's key to making money. All of this in a book that is fun and energetic and filled with relatable characters. Inspiring kids to see the value in math is one of my passions, and Elissa Brent Weissman has hit the nail on the head with The Short Seller!"

- Danica McKellar, actress and New York Times bestselling author (Math Doesn't Suck)

"Weissman chooses an unusual subject for middle-grade fiction--playing the stock market--and it pays dividends.  Weissman builds layers of suspense [and] smoothly weaves information about the stock market and finance into the story’s family dynamics and middle-grade friendship problems. A smart pick."

- Publisher's Weekly

"This is a highly original story effectively told. A readable and interesting thought experiment for young tycoons, this would provide a unique opportunity to pair literature with a classroom study of the stock market. "

- The Bulletin

 "Lindy's enthusiasm is infectious...those who are drawn in by Lindy's passion and the fun math puzzles will be rewarded by a startlingly suspenseful conclusion, with far more at stake than mere classroom drama."

- Kirkus

"Weissman makes Lindy’s mistakes believable, all the while explaining the stock market, short selling, and insider trading in vivid terms...The entertaining story carries tension and drama."

- Booklist

"The premise is fantastic...Recommended for fans of realistic middle grade novels with a lot of humor and high-spirited characters that can't help but land in trouble: if you enjoy characters like Theodosia or Gilda Joyce, or books like The Higher Power of Lucky or The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, you may want to check this one out."

- Finding Wonderland

For Teachers

Curriculum Guide - Click to download an educator's guidewith activities that meet Common Core State Standards for English and Math and national standards for Social Studies, Economics, and personal finance!

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